"Being Your Own Boss" Is The Best Teen Job and Education You Can Find!

Teen Biz Camp Teens Earn An Average of $200-$500 A Month (or MORE) With The L.E.A.R. Method 

Limited Seating! 
Teen Biz Camp is Wednesday evenings
from 7:00-8:45 PM (CST) and it's Online
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Teen Biz Camp Made 
To Improve Teens Futures

  • The L.E.A.R. Method can change your teens life and is NOT taught in schools.
  • TBC teaches skills that deeply affect other important areas of life.
  • It WILL be challenging and exciting which promotes HUGE personal growth.
  • ​Our students LOVE what we teach them and it brings the best out of them.
  • ​The L.E.A.R. Method can fast track their careers because it is PROVEN to do so.

Times Are Changing Rapidly Fast

So fast that it seems like everyone is just trying to catch their breath.

There are so many unseen challenges in our lives and our families’ lives that can be very hard to prepare for.

Especially Our Teens!

They are facing so many NEW challenges including, phone addiction, social media addiction, depression, anxiety, constant comparison, drugs, peer-pressure, and much more.

Teens are focusing on surviving rather than their life and career.  Teens Education needs to be the highest priority!

But With Every Challenge Is An Opportunity!

This is what entrepreneurship teaches and why our kids need to learn it TODAY to be prepared for TOMORROW.

Introducing Teen Biz Camp...
The Best Kids Education

We teach young aspiring entrepreneurs how to become entrepreneurial by giving valuable real life experience in creating their own company. Teen Biz Camp goes from A - Z teaching teens everything from how to create an idea, how to market it, and how to pitch and sell.

It’s the soft skills we teach that transfer to every other area of their life to make wiser decisions.

This isn’t just theory either like most all other programs out there. Our students get REAL results because of our PROVEN L.E.A.R. Method.

Even if you have no clue where to start or not sure if you have the personality skills to succeed, Teen Biz Camp is an all inclusive class that will help you grow in huge ways!

Featured In

Target Evolution is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that created Teen Biz Camp to teach teens the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to give them transferable business skills that will last a lifetime. 

To date, we have had over 500+ successful teens that have completed the course! 

They earn an average of 
$200 - $500 Per Month (OR MORE)!

Here Is What You Get Joining Teen Biz Camp

  • Learn the concepts of entrepreneurship and apply them to launch their very own company to work towards Financial Freedom!
  • Get their own website and shopping cart to attract customers who WANT their product!
  • Get their very own Business Cards and Logo Design to promote their new business (so anytime someone asks about their business, they will be ready to show them and find buyers)!
  • ​They will see the fruit of their labor about how they are CHANGING LIVES from what they’ve built!
  • ​Gain a network of business owners and support (so they can jumpstart their life and career way ahead of their peers for having a fulfilling career)!
  • ​They get FREE retail space for SIX MONTHS in Trail Blaze @ The Galleria Houston, Galleria Dallas, or online to promote their product (we teach how to sell their product)!
  • ​By learning resilience and grinding out the work, they will gain a lot of their confidence in their self worth in what they can provide to the world with their talents!


Meet Our Elite Teen Biz Camp Alumni

Brice Everhart
Vallaire's for men
Brice is 14 years old and the CEO of Vallaire's for Men. Brice started his men's accessory business when he was 7 years old, and in the past few years has become a local celebrity stylist for men's fashion.

Because of the Teen Biz Camp, Brice was able to sell his products in the Galleria Mall Houston in our teen biz pop up shop for young entrepreneurs called, Trail Blaze! Brice also has been provided a small group of youth interns to help him build his business and learn management skills.
sanyia-symone scott
symone's stones
Saniya is 14 years old and the CEO of Symone's Stones. Saniya is a model and actress, and last year was crowned Miss Pree-Teen USA!
Because of the Teen Biz Camp, Sanyia was able to sell her products in Memorial City Mall in our new teen biz pop up shop for young entrepreneurs called, Trail Blaze!

Here Is What People Are Saying

“They provide real-life entrepreneurial scenarios and pitch opportunities.”

-Bab A.

“Opportunities for the youth to become entrepreneurs before adulthood. A cornerstone program!”

-James P.

“They're teaching entrepreneurship to young teens which is essential in today changing world.”

-Edmund B.

• INTRODUCING The Teen Biz Camp Webinar •

If you’ve read this far, you are probably thinking how you can help your child excel in life. In Teen Biz Camp they will learn the foundational skills of entrepreneurship that will last a lifetime.

In this webinar you will see more about how Teen Biz Camp works and how you can get involved! 

Also, just for watching the webinar, you will receive 5 FREE templates from The Entrepreneur's Workbook that will help your teen start earning money with their own product or service right away! 

Also, you can get the entire 132 page workbook today for only $9.99 (a $175 value)!

The Entrepreneurs Workbook gives our students a reference guide for:

  • Entrepreneurial Preparation
  • ​Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • ​Components of Business Success
  • ​Business Law and Taxation
  • ​Technology and Operations
  • ​Team Building
  • ​And more!

Join Teen Biz Camp Now and

Get These FREE Bonuses!

BONUS #1: College Scholarships*

Get up to $7,500 in College Scholarships to one of our partnered colleges! We want to see you succeed so we go above and beyond with extended opportunities like this!

BONUS #2: College Credit Hours*

Need college credit hours? We’ve got you covered if you attend one of the colleges we partner with.

BONUS #3: Free Retail Space @ Galleria Malls

If you join Teen Biz Camp for our next class, we will give FREE Retail space for your product for 6 months at our Trail Blaze stores in The Galleria Houston, Galleria Dallas, and online!

BONUS #4: Tax Credit and Write Off!

Since we are a nonprofit, by signing up to Teen Biz Camp, you can get a 50% tax write off AND a Child Care Tax Credit! So not only are you helping your teen in a huge way but you also get to help yourself in the process!

We are limited to the amount of attendees to the Webinar and Teen Biz Camp!

Once seats are gone, they are gone.


Here's the deal:

You either love Teen Biz Camp during the first week of class or you can get all your money back!

It's as simple as that.

We do this because we want to prove to you how valuable Teen Biz Camp is and seeing is believing!

So, Teen Biz Camp is either everything it’s described to be... or... it costs you nothing.

Sound fair?

Click Below To Learn More About Teen Biz Camp!

P.S. If you're like me who skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

If you want your kid to learn high level entrepreneur skills to make money, build character, and work towards becoming financially free… this is for you.

Schools don’t teach what we do. We get our students RESULTS.

Plain and simple...

You either love Teen Biz Camp during the first week, or we'll refund you.
Click here to view the Teen Biz Camp Webinar to learn more.

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